Nash to see you, to see you Nash

Living in Camden as I do, on the corner of Regent’s Park, I am surrounded constantly by the work of John Nash.

A Welsh architect who worked at the turn of the nineteenth century he has stamped his mark all over London, but predominantly within my domestic radius. On an early morning run the other day (which  I did not want to do and it took a lot of internal ‘get out of beds’ to do) I was fortunate enough to see the sun come up across Regent’s Park and the surrounding area – and it was a beautiful pinky orange which turns all the white stone in the Nash designed buildings around me into a lovely dusky pink. It did stop me in my tracks at one point and I slowed to a complete jog just to enjoy it.

Cumberland Terrace, a set of Nash designed houses that border the park never fails to impress me. This picture below was taken last autumn.

Lovely font on the the side of the houses too.

Cumberland Terrace was originally designed to be 31 houses, but ginormous as they are I can well imagine there are many many more flats in them now. The terrace was commissioned by King George IV and it still retains a princely touch, as The Princes Trust have their offices here. John Nash was in charge of redesigning Buckingham Palace and Marble Arch in London, so he has left a a pretty iconic legacy.

But for my benefit Nash was also responsible for Regents Canal, another favoured running route which I am lucky enough to live near, so thanks Nashy.

If you’re in the wonderful Camden, you can visit the York & Albany and enjoy a delicious lunch in a beautiful Nash building on the edge of the park and go for a stroll around Regent’s Park and canal after. Things don’t get better than that.

York & Albany image from

If you want to find out a bit more about Mr Nash there is a book, imaginatively entitled ‘The Life and Work of John Nash’ (does what it says on the tin) available here. Think I may have to get it, it would be nice to learn more about the man who is largely responsible for my environment.

  1. Barbara said:

    I love your posts along with the photos… It feels like I’ve been around the world this morning without leaving the comfort of my fireplace! It fascinates me to see other parts of the world…

    • ah thank you very much! How lovely – hope you have are having a great weekend!

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