A new year…and some new books

This Christmas I was lucky enough to be given quite a few treats – but some of the best were three design books, from three of my favourite people. So I thought I would share them with you.

This beauty was from my husband and is a very satisfyingly fat book. It follows a roughly chronological approach and is a broad explanation of the development and progress of design using landmark objects. This should keep me occupied for quite some time, it’s always fascinating finding out why designs came about, and to fulfil what need.

The Genius of Design by Penny Sparkes

Thanks Mum, this one does what it says on the tin. And it does so beautifully with lots of pictures and commentary, it has found itself firmly on my coffee table already, for constant inspiration. Plus it will be a nice to learn a bit about the history of some of my favourite designs, rather than just ogling them.

‘Scandinavian Design’ by Ingrid Sommar

And finally, courtesy of my old pal Parsnip an eye pleasing treat of a book called ‘Paris vs New York’ which pits two amazing cities against each other in graphic form.

Like all the very best ideas, it’s a simple one – but perfectly executed. Originally a blog (subtitled ‘a tally of two cities’ which made me smile) the book is a collection of all the images. The blog belongs to Vahram Muratyan if you want to see more of his work.

I like this one, comparing the fashionistas! Absolute genius.

Images from Paris vs NYC

This book makes me very happy. Plus it’s in French, that makes me sophisticated, non?

Hope these provide some inspiration, any suggestions for books always gratefully received on this blog.


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