Wishing for a wardrobe

I’m on the hunt for a new wardrobe…who knew it was so hard? It’s really difficult to find a beautiful free standing wardrobe, not just for someone on  a budget but even in the first place.

We’re renting and therefore can’t install a storage system and at the same time we’re looking after the pennies so we can’t splash out too much.

Surely there is a furniture shop or maker out there who caters for us mid twenties (okay maybe only just these days) renters in London who want something beautiful to take from house to house without resorting to Ikea? No offense to Ikea, it has served us very well but it’s time for a chest of drawers that isn’t so badly bowed in the middle it looks like it’s smiling at us every morning.

These wardrobes from Studio Cappellini are perfect in terms of clean white lines helping to provide a nice backdrop to the rest of the room. But the fact that there is no price on the website (and the heritage of the brand) means it is unlikely I will  (ever) be able to afford them.

Images from Capellini

Or perhaps these, the ‘Snow’ range, designed by Thomas Sandell and Jonas Bohlin (an obviously effective recipe comprising a Finn and a Swede) and sold by Asplund. These would suit any style of home or room and are a fine example of the purity in design that Scandinavians do so well. Plus I very much like the fact that it looks like the chests of drawers are wearing bow ties.

Images from Asplund

But, alas, until I win the lottery these are also out of my reach. I can add Asplund to my pilgrimage  when I next make it to Stockholm, although I can’t be accountable for my actions if I start kissing things in the shop – it looks amazing.

If any of you have suggestions for where I can get my hands on some affordable design, please do let me know. Made, an english company, is usually pretty fantastic at providing beatiful pieces at a more affordable price but don’t yet make a wardrobe…wonder if they respond to suggestions?!

In the meantime, we shall see if my husband’s experiment works…and I will report back if so!




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