Snug as a bug

I have an old wingback Parker Knoll armchair, which was given to me recently – it’s in great but just needs a new fabric cover. I veer from a classic grey to a marimekko all the way to a bright candy stripe and just can’t decide. One day, when I have a big house, this will sit nicely in a calming corner with a view of the sea (daydreaming is a skill I have – somehow it will be a view of the sea whilst still being in a city…any suggestions for location?!) with a lovely side table next to it stacked with books. I’ll just sit there steadily working my way through the pile.

Modern wingback inspiration from House to Home

Image from Apartment Therapy

Image from Creative Neesh

Image from My Scandinavian Retreat

Image of JK Place Firenze, Italy via Villaneuva Design







  1. As far as the gifted chair you can imagine in every color from black to neon orange- I’m the same as you. I could imagine so many color options, fabric options, decor styles… how do i decide? So, i decided my style is “no style”. LOL i keep most of my furniture super neutral on color and play up the pillows, drapes, lamps, etc. That way, i get to play with all the styles i love!

    • good thinking! Maybe I should go for the grey then, and a jazzy blanket. Merry Christmas to you by the way – and a happy new year!

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