Designers Makers

Whilst on a little jaunt round Exmouth Market last weekend we came across a Christmas pop-up shop for Designers Makers which filled me with joy. Both of a normal nature, and of a festive nature. It was full to the brim of lovely bits, made by some very talented designers. These are my favourites…

Sofa print by Olivia Jane Ransley (image from

Embroidered napkin and doily plates by Imogen Luddy. Images from Designers Makers

‘Prolonged Daschund’ by Lucie Sheridan. Image and print from Designers Makers

I love the quirky humour of the daschund print, and I have a certain pal who has an affinity for all things sausage dog…so I feel this would be appreciated by her!

The shop itself was a lovely treasure trove of goodies – and I’m excited to discover that they have a monthly market at Spitalfields. I’m definitely going to have to get down there and see what other designers and pieces they have – it will be a great place for presents (for friends weddings and for me!). Beautiful flyer too.





1 comment
  1. Lindsey said:

    I went to this shop awhile ago and thought of you and hubby but I didn’t see the dachshund pic I love it!!!!

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