Delight-eiffel Design

My Mum and Dad are on a merry little jaunt to Paris this weekend (hello mum!) and I am extremely jealous as I am a big fan of Paris, it’s definitely up there as one of my favourite cities. It’s a perfect place to eat good food, drink nice wine and be a general ‘flaneur’.

I have a particular soft spot for the Eiffel Tower – it’s such an iconic structure and so beautifully designed.

I took this picture while on my last trip.

We were lucky enough to be given this lamp for a wedding present which gives me joy on a daily basis.

Image and lamp from Graham & Green

I also have two little mini ones on a picture rail…I seem to be inadvertently acquiring a collection – oh well this is how the best collections start, just because you love them.

p.s if you’re ever in Paris I highly recommend a trip to Le Bistrot de Maelle et Augustin at 42 rue Coquillière, 75001 Paris.

Images from Itaste

Great food, lovely wine and friendly staff – what’s not to love? Plus you can pretend you are a proper stylish Parisienne at least for a few hours.



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