Pottering about

This is one of our latest home purchases, from a salvage place in Gloucestershire. I have been looking for a nice coffee pot for a while and nearly fell over with excitement when my husband spotted this (he’s well trained now). Not only was there a coffee pot but a full set to go with it.

I love pottery, my lovely mum has a collection of Rorstrand pottery that tickles my eyes each time I go round it’s so pretty. Think I’ll have to do a post on it another time. Also my nan was a potter, and of norwegian descent, maybe somewhere there is a teeny tiny gene that was entitled ‘Pottery and Scandinavian Design’ and it got passed on to me.

The new set is from TG Green, and is a proper old school english design. I think these beauties might be my default wedding gift present next year – the stripy style is timeless. Plus their packaging is also delightful.

A collection of these would sit nicely in a very clean plain and white kitchen to avoid looking too countryish

Images from Plain English Design

Images from My Scandinavian Retreat via Apartmenttherapy





  1. I love that your husband is spotting and pointing out the style that you love. That just makes me smile, b/c I feel like my fiance` is sort of the same way… He starts spotting things I like and pointing them out excitedly (which is why i love him so much). I also like your use of the word: “countryish”. LOL I totally agree. These would look amazing styled with a pristine white kitchen! I happen to LOVE blue stripes against white… I especially love pin-stripe, but thick ones are beautiful too!

    • yes he’s getting well trained! I’m a big stripe fan too – will keep my eyes peeled for any more!

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