I’m not going off to hit the slopes this year…so I’ll console myself instead with these Alpine dreams…

Images from The Cambrian, a swiss hotel via Apartmenttherapy

Image from Burton Girls – the blog is definitely worth a look for anyone who likes snowboarding.

Snowboard from Burton – available at Two Seasons

I’ll miss snowboarding a lot, but this is the way the cookie crumbles some years. I’ll sit at home staring at this lovely and dream of racing my husband down the slopes (and getting so overexcited if I am ahead of him that I invariably crash at the last minute and he overtakes me…the tortoise and the hare taught me nothing).

‘Sky Ride’ print from the Soma Gallery

I’ll also console myself over the winter with homemade gluhwein using this recipe from a blog called Dreaming of Winter (although the author is now blogging at Borderless Adventures). I’ll let you know how it goes!

Image from Dreaming of Winter

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  1. Beautiful. The mountains almost look fake they are so unreal!!

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