Feeling Fritzy

On our weekend quest for nordic christmas decorations, we decided to really get into the spirit of it by fuelling up at the Scandinavian Kitchen on Great Titchfield Street and inhaling some blueberry juice and then headed to Skandium and Fritz Hansen.

In Fritz Hansen, which is full of incredible classic furniture and beautiful design, I did get sidetracked from my bauble hunting by these bad boys – delightful lights by Kaiser Idell. These were originally designed by the German Silversmith Christian Dell in1931 and still look up to date. It’s the kind of light you would buy now and still have in fifty years time.

I love the sculptural form of them, and how lovely they look whether as a cluster or standing proud alone.

I would like the white one hanging in a trio over my kitchen table, or maybe the red one on a bedside cabinet – or maybe I could go all out and create the room below…

Maybe it’s just me, but I still think that works!

Images and lights from Fritz Hansen




  1. Frances said:

    In your quest for a Swedish Christmas, did you see the recipe in the Sunday papers for Swedish Christmas biscuits?

    • Why hello there helpful reader, no I did not see the recipe – can you share it with me? Then maybe you will get a delivery!

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