When you wish upon a chair

Check out these beauties, a true design classic in a very modern colour. It’s like your granny turning up for sunday dinner in Stella McCartney.

I have always loved the Hans Wegner wishbone chairs, their simplicity is very striking and they never seem to date.  Each chair can hold  it’s own when standing alone in the room, or they can offset a table like a frame round a picture. Oh to own one, one day.

These rejigged classics are available from The Lollipopp Shoppe to celebrate the design’s 60th birthday.

The chair has a white seat to celebrate it’s sixth decade, and is available in green, seagreen, citrus/grey and citrus.

Look how pretty they all are lined up in a row…

I think I like the bright lemony pop of the yellow best, plus I seem to keep having an urge for yellow at the moment, not entirely sure why. It’s a lovely way to update a classic and make it seem perfect for now, and to celebrate the true brilliance of it’s original design which still stands true, sixty years on.

All images from The Lollipop Shoppe



  1. Barbara said:

    I LOVE this chair!! the link isn’t getting me to the Lollipop Shoppe, can you tell me where it’s located so I can Google? Stunning chair! Great accent piece!

  2. Barbara said:

    Operator error, ha! I was clicking on the link from Image… link works fine! Thanks!

  3. I really like these chairs. I can see them around a dining room table in a hip home or just a single chair in an office.

    My favorite is the yellow too. I was not a yellow fan for most of my life, but I think our preferences in color change as we change. Now, I want yellow everything!

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