Nordic but nice

Am I allowed yet? Can I start talking about Christmas decorations?

I am in the mood for a scandinavian inspired Christmas this year, I did in fact purchase some glass baubles in early November but I put them under the bed in an attempt to keep my excitement at bay.

I like the bold and striking scandi designs that remind me Christmas is about the simple things, your friends, your family (and your newly acquired husband), of course the food. And whilst those things are very important to me, Christmas also brings the opportunity for introducing loads more things into the house!

Christmas gnomes and baubles from Skandium

Candles from Ikea

Image from House to Home

My absolute favourites are these ‘Tonttu’ from Finland. Simple yet effective.

I love them all, but I think the most appropriate one for me would be the little tonttu with a mobile phone…seeing as a certain pal refers to me as a ‘blueberry bandit’…ie always on my blackberry (the mixup with a different fruit was the result of a few cocktails).

All cheeky little tonttus from Arctic Fashion

  1. YES! You are allowed. I’m already playing x-mas music. So there. 🙂

    I burn candles year round, all the time. I know I could use those Ikea candle, and probably burn them to the bone by the time x-mas is over. Probably pretty cheap too.

    I love the Scandinavian inspired Christmas theme you’ve got going here. Its really cute, actually. I especially like slide on top with the big fluffy beards.

  2. ah thanks! I kind of feel like the bearded chaps could be year round decorations?! The ikea ones aren’t too bad, have got a couple and they have lasted a good few nights now as I tend to use them when we have friends round. Think they only cost a few pounds!

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