Genie of the lamp

It’s cold and dark outside, and I’m sat inside snugly (and smugly) with a few lamps on. Lamps and lighting are really important in winter I think, as they can really help create an atmosphere.

I particularly like these ones from Hand & Eye Studio, which are rather unusually made from terracotta. This strikes me as a pleasing and unexpected contrast, but which at the same time seems so natural as terracotta is such a warming material.

All images from Hand & Eye Studio


So beautiful. I also love the fact that you can buy them with a neon flex, another unexpected twist.

Even the process to make the lamps makes them look great, you can just focus on the eye-pleasing shape.

Oooh the grey too – I can’t decide.

If I had an imposing hallway in my London townhouse (one day, one day) I would have an assortment of the white and terracotta ones on  white flexes, dangling at different heights in the entrance. One would have a neon flex.

Then so the grey one didn’t feel left out I would have two of them in my dressing room (this is a fantasy house after all, I’m going to town).

Lights are available direct from Hand & Eye Studio or from The French House on the always brilliant Lambs Conduit Street

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  1. Wow, these area all so cool. The terracotta ones have a modern & traditional appeal. They could work with lots of looks. Love the gray too. Very nice!

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