Daydreaming at my desk

As my hours gradually creep up and up at my new job I find myself spending the majority of my waking hours at my desk in my office. And whilst it is nice enough I do wish I could decorate it entirely myself and be surrounded by beautiful design. I’m sure that would make me more productive…

I’d start by seating myself at this beauty

Eames EDU Desk Unit from The Conran Shop

Then for swiveling around and saying ‘yeeees how can I help you’ when people walked in, I’d have to go Eames again

 Eames EA217 Chair from Utility Design

I would of course have a jazzy desk light to light up long nights

Bobby desk lamp from Habitat

And then opposite my desk would be a nice sofa for all my distinguished visitors to sit on and discuss important things, like who had baked a cake and brought it in that day. Not too comfy looking though, don’t want them taking a nap.

William Plunkett 1966 sofa from TwentyTwentyOne

Then I can only begin to imagine the stationery I would have and the artwork on the walls…but I’ll save that for another day.

In reality I am sat at a little brown desk, on a very uncomfy chair and being ordered about, but you have to dream.

  1. Barbara said:

    I feel your pain, and good for you for dreaming! It’s what gets you through the day! My last job sounded just like that, I was shoved in a little corner with a broken big brown desk and a chair that was so uncomfortable… But I looked around and anytime there was something free that no one wanted I traded up, ha ha… Eventually it ended up to be really nice… I brought in a big framed poster, tried to keep a flower on my desk (at least during the spring when I could pluck one off a shrub on the way to my car). ANYTHING to make it more stylish! Great post!

  2. Ah thank you so much! For the first couple of years I have to move around every few months so at least I get to try out a few more…when I get my permanent one, the first thing to go up will be a nice big poster, definitely makes a difference! Thanks for your comment, have a great day!

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