Hey Zee – it makes me happeee

Vintage Roadside Route 66 Hotel Sign - Hotel Beale Kingman Arizona - Large Print 12x18

Vintage Style Candy Colors Ferris Wheel - Carnival Photography Small Print 5x5Carnival food stall photograph - County Fair Pop Corn, Cotton Candy and Cold Drinks - Amusement Park Photography

IFerris Wheel Photograph - Nursery Wall Decor - Amusement Park Photograph - Contemporary Fine Art Photography - small 8x10 print

Images from Hey Zee via Etsy 

I love these pictures – have had them saved as a favourite for a looong time…but a stint at uni didn’t really allow much spare cash for pictures. However now I am going to buy one! And I’m very happy with that. The whimsical nature of these photographs and the candy colours are just beautiful.

Although on the Hey Zee page on etsy it does say that the shop is closing in December, so I better get in quick. The only problem is now I have to choose which one…dilemma.

  1. The Embellished Nest said:

    These photos are gorgeous! I love the pastel colors.

  2. Thanks for the comment – I agree, the colours give the pictures that real nostalgic americana look!

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