Brighton Breezy

Images from Utility

In the summer, whilst on a little trip to Brighton, I found this amazing shop in the lanes. I stumbled across it by accident and thought ooh this looks nice, let me have a little peek…I walked inside and nearly died of pleasure! The shop was filled with homewares and household goods, of a beautifully simple nature. I love good-straightforward-does-the-job-but-still-looks-spot-on design, and this shop has it by the trayful. I was visiting Brighton on bike so I couldn’t go crazy, but I did snap up some storage jars which looks they’re french jam jars, and some blue lined enamel dishes. It meant I was a bit wobbly on the bike, but it was worth it.Making dishes in a chirpy blue enamel dish just brightens things up on a daily basis. 

I’m planning a trip back down to Brighton purely to go to the shop and load up on whatever I can carry – it’s a shop worth hunting out and visiting.

Here are my finds – even their bags and logo are awesome,

Apparently they don’t sell online but if you’re after something partlcular you can ring them and they will take your order over the telephone (according to the very friendly man in the shop), but they are opening an online shop soon…can’t wait!

Utility – 28a North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YB


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