Time for something new

After a little trip east this weekend, I couldn’t resist writing about these beautiful ‘watch sculptures’ by Dominic Wilcox. We saw them today in an exhibition by Dezeen on Rivington Street and they absolutely blew me away. I could have just stayed there for hours watching them tick round.

Each little dome, and the figurines inside, are handmade and each vintage watch has a different scene. One inspired by the london riots, and one which made me laugh as it reminded me of my wayward husband, entitled ‘A man so engrossed in his iPhone that he fails to notice a monkey balanced on the head of a weightlifting boy standing on the arm of an elderly rollerskater’.

Pictures from Dezeen

On his website Dominic states that he wanted to play with the idea of ‘unending repetition’ – I love that he has taken something used by so many different people on a daily basis and created something new with it. Such a beautiful concept, and open for you to make of it what you will – the ‘unrequited handshake’ below made me a bit sad for the little man in the dome.  

See the miniature beauties in motion below:

The video is from Dominic Wilcox’s website – definitely worth a look, for all his other work too.

I was also taken by his ‘honesty stamps’, genuine phrases delivered in an impersonal manner, nicely done. Might get the ‘I’m sincerely sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused’ one for my husband to stamp for me on a postcard when he’s had a big night out…


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