Love Letter to London

Top by Michael Wolff – Michael Wolff & Company

Bottom by Quentin Newark – Atelier Works – both posters available from Blanka

Love these posters, commissioned by the London Design Festival to celebrate London. These are my two favourite I think, although they have a few other contenders. Just love the simplicity of the London bus one, a classic font used to create an instantly identifiable London icon. The kind of design that makes you think, I could have thought of that. And then remembering of course you couldn’t or wouldn’t, yet you recognise it as soon as you see it – that to me is what makes it great.

London Design Festival is starting today and running until the 25th September. Now in its ninth year there are events happening all over this great and the beautiful city – with 134 events taking place today alone.

The website is very useful and provides all the information needed to gorge on inspirational design – I’m just trying to decide which ones to attend…ooh what a lovely dilemma to have on a Saturday morning.

Hope you all have a lovely and stylish weekend.

p.s Michael…whereever you are – I agree with you.


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