Sofa, so good

We’re in need of a new sofa at the moment, and I’m dreaming of greys, with some square lines and maybe a splash of wood. I’ve been in love with this one from London based Assemblyroom since I saw them at Vintage at Goodwood.

My heart has been set on this one for a long time (it’s the pink dots that do it for me!) as I love the simplicity of the design. We have quite a bit of midcentury and industrial-esqe bits in our flat so this 50s inspired seat will offset things nicely. It’s just unfortunate that my heart does not keep in line with my budget. This is going to be a pipe dream for a while!

I did have a brief affair in Twentytwentyone the other day when I spied this beauty by Another Country (again way out of my budget). Until I remembered I live in a small one bedroom flat and my guests might not find this a suitable alternative to a sofa. This delight is for when you definitely have more than two rooms, and you can just have beautiful pieces in your hallway or dressing room (yes this is a super dream I’m having!).

In reality I am going to be keeping any eye on ebay, Camden charity shops or a car boot sale. Still, we’re all allowed to dream.


p.s hello to my new subscribers! Lovely to have you on board.


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