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Video by Improveverywhere via swissmiss

I think swissmiss can read my mind.

She keeps a fantastic design blog that I check daily, full of beautiful finds, comments & inspirational quotes. All packaged extremely prettily. The clean lines of the website and the typeface used in the logo are enough just to get me excited.

Anyhoo I am beginning to think she is keeping tabs on me…not for any sinister reason, but it always seems to be when I am a bit stressed, busy with work or feeling a bit under the weather that she posts something that makes me smile or brighten my day.

Today I was just settling down to finish some work for tomorrow that will no doubt keep me here til the early hours, so I checked just for a little perk up. This video above was on it, and it made me smile so much – I loved it! Particularly loved ‘hey you, with the umbrella’, I mean what a line.

It made me remember the power of saying something nice and also the need to always stay positive.

It’s been pretty tough over the past years (what with being a immature mature student) and there has been quite a few times that swissmiss has posted a great design piece or included a quote that has been spot on for me. More than once when I was at uni I distracted myself by watching a video about an amazing spoken word poet or economics professor. And although I love design and creativity, I’m now working in a very dry profession so this site is my little treat. It never fails to remind me that there is beauty in the smallest of things and that sometimes simplicity is key whether that be in design principles or in your behaviour to others (or in a piece of legal research…wish me luck!)

So, go look now and I hope it inspires you too!

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  1. Lindsey said:

    May I say this is a fabulous blog that saying something nice inspired me I’m going to show it at school tomorrow!keep up the research you worked hard to be sitting in that seat!xxx

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