Ping pongs & craspedia – the fun of flowers

Such is my love of pom poms…I even managed to get them in our wedding flowers using some ping pong chrysantheums in green (who can resist a flower with a name like ping pong) and some beautiful craspedia. Strangely, being a pretty relaxed bride overall, the one thing I had my heart set on was craspedia which is not easy to find in the UK in July it turns out. Cue a tiny bit of panic and an ‘oh well you can’t have everything’ moment.

[The full bucket above was at the entrance to the marquee and included scabius (ugly name, beautiful flower) and baby’s breath, and september.]

Still we got lucky and found some at New Covent Garden Flower Market the Thursday before and bought up one man’s stock of six bunches (at about £7.50 a bunch, bargain!). We then had a beautiful sunny day on the Friday putting all the table flowers, bridesmaid’s bouquets and bridey bouquet together. We lay down sheets, filled buckets and sourced scissors before about 7 or 8 of us sat down to try make the best bouqet! 

I was trying to create a bright, fresh clean look as we used heaps and heaps of colours around the tent so the intention was to create a bit of a contrast by keeping the flowers largely white with a flash of yellow. It was a bit tricky to explain to everyone in the run up…especially when I was using bright pink, sapphire blue, sunshine yellow and grey in the bunting and pompoms and everyone thought I had gone bonkers. Luckily it worked, well I thought it did and that’s all that matters! The flowers offset all the colours and the yellow helped to tie it all together.

We included beautiful peonies in pink and white to differentiate the bridal bouquet from the bridesmaids. The finishing touch was some vintage lace, from the ever useful ebay for a few pounds, wrapped around the stems. We put them in jam jars to last the night and the peonies had opened beautifully just in time!

If any budding brides stumble across this post and you’re interested in how we made them, or how much we had to buy for 13 tables and the bouquets leave a comment and will happily help out!

  1. Chloé said:

    I am interested in craspedia for buttonholes, I’ve done a bit of web searching however I can only find them to buy in the US. London is a little far for me to travel. Do you know anywhere else that might do craspedia in the uk?

    • Hello! I got mine from New Covent Garden Flower Market – and I think some of the wholesalers there do deliveries. It might be worth giving some of them a call (they are all detailed on the website for New Covent Garden) and asking. Otherwise if you search for flower wholesalers online, there are quite a few that do deliveries elsewhere in the UK – it will just be quite expensive. I think they are only available for a certain period though, they were having difficulties getting hold of them when we bought them on the 2 July.

  2. Caroline Abbott said:

    Hello! Im getting married in August in north london and would love to have craspedia either dried or fresh as my wedding table centre flowers. If you can give me some info on the wholesaler you got them from and how you did you did your arrangement, id be really grateful.

    • Hi Caroline!

      Of course, I’d be happy to help – rather than leave a super long comment I will send you an email with all the details on if that’s okay? Shall I send it to the email which you have left here? Congratulations by the way!

      • Caroline said:

        Brilliant! Yes please send info to this email address. Thanks

  3. Melanie said:

    I am getting married in May and love love love your designs and would like to do them myself. Can you tell me how you made them? I think I would do the bridesmaid bouquet as a bouquet and also the centerpieces, so that is specifically the one I would love to know more about. I would love to also know how far ahead you made them (and how long they lasted) as well as how many flowers it took to make the bridesmaid bouquet.

    Thank you!!

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