Summer Loving

Well this is exciting, whilst we were away on honeymoon a few people here were feeling the love too – two of my favourite couples (or four of my favourite people, depending how you look at it) got engaged. Great news, as yes it does mean we get to attend some weddings, but also because it’s always nice to see people you love very happy.

I remember when we got engaged the first thing a lot of people said to me was ‘where’s the rock’, which I always thought was a) a bit rude and b) not what it’s all about. It’s a pretty big deal, and is a lovely public statement to make about the person you love. So in honour of my newly engaged pals this post is devoted to celebrating their happiness with some heart shaped bits and some romance, and a big congratulations – may you have a long and happy married life together.

Photo below taken by moi when in Porte du Vanves, Paris on our (first!) honeymoon – thought it was appropriate at the time!


Heart shaped cake and accompanying tutorial from the fantastic baking blog I am Baker

for like ever sign made from recycled slabs of wood 18x16.5

Sign from Oh Dier via

50 red heart paper drinking  straws-  with FREE Blank Paper Flags.  See also - "Personalized" flags option.

Heart straws from Isakayboutique via

Rainbow Heart pinback button badge - UNPACKAGED

Rainbow heart button from Artlife via

Live What You Love Poster GreyLace Heart Red

Prints from the appropriately named Heartfish Press

  1. What a great message! Yr right, its about the long life you will create together and not the rock…

    • Thanks Taylor – I think so, although if you’re happy I guess some jazzy jewels are an added bonus?!

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