It’s scone to be okay

Well, that’s what I keep telling myself! Living in London for the past few days has been very odd indeed, a completely different atmosphere than normal. My little corner of London in Camden has always seemed to me to be THE best place in the world to live, and I was so sad when it was affected by the rioting mentality that’s spread across London, and now to the rest of the UK.

Sad for two reasons in that I feel for those who believe the only way to be heard is to riot, and I feel for those people in our (and their) community who have been affected. I was helping out at an event at the athletics track where I train yesterday, for teenagers, and was sent home early as the organisers were worried about the kids getting home. Then I was advised, when back in Camden, to stay indoors which panicked me a bit.

There was only one thing for it, in times of worry…must bake! It’s very trivial I know, but it kept me busy, which prevented me from checking twitter, the news etc and getting really worried. So I baked scones. Some things are right with England, the majority of the time so I reverted to a classic British recipe in it’s honour.

I used Mr’s Beeton’s recipe, but one I have used with success in the past is here. This is from Delicious Days, a beautiful food blog I often look to for inspiration. Full of lovely posts and images to make you dribble.  For an example see the one below from their post on scones, doesn’t that make you want to make a scone immediately?! It does me and I made soem yesterday. Anyway, check out their blog, but don’t do it when you’re hungry or you might pass out from sheer envy.


Image from

These are mine below…picture taken on my blackberry as my SLR is misbehaving at present. Not quite the same – but hey they tasted nice!

It’s also an excuse to use mini pots of jam and some pretty saucers. It’s the little things in life.

p.s oohooo when looking for a new scone recipe I just came across this bad boy, from another mouth watering blog ‘La Petit Brioche’, for Blueberry Scones. Might try these in a few days! Now excuse me while I go and drool all over this blog…

Mouthwatering image from La Petit Brioche – check out the blog for more delicious pictures.


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