Beautiful Babushka

I have a thing about Russian Babushka dolls at the moment, which is very unlike me as they’re quite ornate and folksy and I’m normally very much about clean lines, block colours & mid century design. Still it’s nice to deviate from your predefined style sometimes.
I’d like one, but I’m going to hold off until I visit Russia, added to the wishlist. That way I can persuade my husband that they’re a genuine reminder of a trip (that’s how I get trinkets into the house, his way would be to have none at all – he’s a minimialist of the extreme sort! Not entirely sure how he acquired a collector for a wife).
Think this urge was reignited by going to Trojka in Primrose Hill for dinner the other night, they have a whole wall of Russian dolls and it looks amazing!
il_fullxfull.262729008.jpg (1366×1000)
Vintage dolls from Sovietvintage on Etsy
Babushka Carafe Set and Nesting Glasses both from Fred Flare
aw10megm174000699-assorted.jpg (360×432)
And finally…you can even eat them! Love these cake pops from the amazing Pop Bakery (a local business to me, which seems to be really going places as they are in Topshop Knightsbridge this week. Always nice to see a success story).
They have a blog here where they catalogue their designs, but this is definitely my favourite!
  1. nikkie said:

    Awww, I especially love the glasses!!

  2. A jammy dodger said:

    oooh! The Pop Bakery designs are amazing! They are definitely going to be on order for the next big birthday!!

    Loving the Liberty scarf, if only money grew on trees!!

  3. Thanks Nikkie! Jammy Dodger – I’ll get you some next time you pass your exams!

  4. I too love these cute little dolls – great baking x

    • Ah thank you! I just saw some genuine Russian ones in a vintage shop in Alaska, so was quite excited!

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