Love these works of art from Louisa Parris who combines bright colours and geometric shapes to make beautiful scarves.






The ones above are from Collection One, whilst Collection Two below are more Art Deco inspired.




Even though I already have a ridiculous number of scarves, there has to be room for some more…I mean they probably fold up really small and therefore don’t count as being something new in my tiny flat?!

Images from Louisa Parris


I am a big fan of these prints, from Oh Yei at Society6.

I’d like all of these in a row, in big bold white frames. Society6 is definitely worth a look, as it has heaps of affordable prints made from a variety of different methods and to pretty much suit every taste.

Images and prints by Oh Yei at Society6.




I am a tiny bit in love with this new online store, Fate London, which has an amazing mix of design with a lovely contrast of items made from marble, wood and natural fibres. I pretty much want everything from their shop, but the bits below are my favourites.









I definitely need a new rug at the moment, but candles holders are a bit harder to justify…having about a million already. However a notebook is always justifiable, especially as I am starting a new job in three weeks. In fact it’s pretty much mandatory.

All images and items from Fate London.

Having already decided, over the course of this last year, what the tattoo I was going to get to celebrate my 30th was, I stumbled across this quote yesterday which comes incredibly close to what I had decided on. So that was a happy coincidence because Emerson is one of my heroes and favourite writers of all time. It makes me feel what I will be getting is definitely right…which I suppose is a good thing seeing as it is pretty permanent! And I definitely believe in it.


Image from Besottedblog

Happy new year…may 2014 be filled with many brilliant days. I am pretty excited about it, and have a few resolutions or intentions for 2014:

1. Race the UCI Classic, Paris-Roubaix;
2. Run a sub 6 hour half iron-man;
3. Go to NYC and see my pals who moved there earlier this year;
4. Start planning a move abroad myself, not sure when where or how just yet;
5. Get a 10k PB (not sure how achievable this is, but after having my running career cut short at 18, just as I was moving from track to the road, and since happily coming out of retirement at 25 I have been concentrating on the longer distances but there is a little niggling feeling am still pretty sure I have a sub 40 10k in me. May be proved wrong but will give it a shot);
6. Go back to Tarifa and learn to kitesurf properly, rather than just kind of wiggle about with the kite; and
7. Get drunk more. Might affect 1-6 though…but at least it will be fun!

Now I have written these down I definitely have to do them…

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